The SoluComp®
enclosure concept

Plastic enclosure systems

The SoluComp® enclosure concept

SoluComp® - Solution Components - are intelligent, well-designed enclosures made of high quality plastic and supported by a variety of functional components. Without sacrificing good design, the modular construction and the design of the components are subject to the principle "form follows function".

Cost-effective solutions catering for custom enclosures can be implemented by changing individual tools used for the standard versions. Constant avail...

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...ability of a large number of standard enclosures and accessories, such as foil-keyboards, wall brackets etc. will save you time and money by reducing your development effort. In this manner a custom enclosure can be produced by simply replacing the front insert or changing the color.

The complete electronic board is placed on the stands with the ribs facing into the enclosure and the cabinet is simply screwed shut.

Your advantage:
It is not necessary to screw down the electronic board, reduced assembly time, no screws required für PC boards, secure installation.

Circuit boards and other electronic components can be installed, inserted or screwed directly in the enclosure as in a tailormade suit since the components are already matched to each other during the design phase. The application of conductive sur...

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...face coatings ensures complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Moreover, components are available individually, as modules or as fully assembled systems, i.e. re-ordering / replacement is quickly and easy. The different designs of monitor enclosures are adapted directly to the respective display. In almost all models, the entire front, sides and back are adapted in accordance with the customers requirements by means of interchangeable inserts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No fitting of the LCD to match the enclosure
  • Utilisation of simple standard enclosures
  • No expensive milling required
  • Less time required for the development of the PC-boards
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of individual components
  • Excellent availability

The SoluComp®-enclosures are available in the following surfaces:

  • NawaRo®-version (made of bioplastic)
  • in AMIK®-version (anti-microbial kit)
  • in lackierter und pulverbeschichteter Oberfläche
  • in OptiHapt®-Version (Softtouch-Oberfläche)

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The intelligent enclosure system as a tailor-made solution for your components

You define the requirements, we develop the solutions. The GH02® series is an intelligently designed enclosure system of many different shapes that are constantly being added to and that are intended for a wide variety of applications.

Hand-held enclosures
Hand-held enclosures TAW series

TAW series
The hand-held enclosure TAW is particularly well suited as a hand-held controller for many different applications. Sizes: MICRO-TAW, MINI-TAW, MEDIUM-TAW and MAXI-TAW.

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Hand-held enclosures
Hand-held enclosures COMPACT series

COMPACT series
The compact hand-held enclosure is ideal for pocket-sized measuring instruments. Sizes: MINI-COMPACT, MINI-COMPACT-PLUS, MEDIUM-COMPACT and MAXI-COMPACT.

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Hand-held enclosures
Hand-held enclosures L series

L series
The L series is flexible and versatile because of its smooth lines and the large radii and is intended both, for industrial as well as medical applications. Sizes: MINI-L, MEDIUM-L and MAXI-LL.

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Monitor enclosures
Monitor enclosuresKEYTOUCH series

KEYTOUCH series KT4,7" - KT10,4"
The Keytouch enclosures can be used both for mobile and stationary applications and are available with an acrylic screen or a touch screen. Sizes: KT4,7"/4,8", KT5,6"/5,7", KT6,4" and KT7" (16:9), KT10,4".

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Monitor enclosures
Monitor enclosures KEYTOUCH series KT15 Zoll

KEYTOUCH series KT15" 
(KT 12" by request)

This monitor enclosure has extremely versatile facilities for the installation of components. It caters for common 15" LCDs.

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Hand-held/desktop/wall enclosures
Hand-held, desktop and wall enclosures WINNER series

WINNER series
The WINNER enclosures of the were developed specifically for applications that require individually integrated displays and data entry components. Sizes: CDH-2, CDH-4 and CDH-6.

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Desktop enclosures
Desktop enclosures TOP series

TOP series
The MINI-TOP, MEDIUM-TOP und MAXI-TOP enclosures are desktop enclosures that offer many variations. In addition, the enclosure may be used for wall mounting.

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Battery enclosures
Battery enclosures

The battery enclosures are available in different standardized versions and are designed to accommodate large capacity batteries. They can be provided with two or three contacts.

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Battery drawer enclosures
Battery drawer enclosures

The battery drawer enclosures are available in different standardized versions and are designed to accommodate large capacity batteries. They can be provided with two or three contacts.

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Surface mounted enclosure
Surface mounted enclosure series ABG-1/ABG-2

Series ABG-1/ABG-2
These surface mounted enclosures are special enclosures. The nawrrow side has openings for cable connections with strain relief posts and for a two-pin plug.

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Commander enclosure
Commander enclosure T28

The COMMANDER enclosure can accommodate a circuit board and a silicone keyboard with 28 keys. The user can hang the enclosure in any position.

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Scanner and antenna enclosure
Scanner and antenna enclosure SPA

Enclosure for antennas, scanners, bio-chip and card readers. The base of this enclosure can be bolted to any other enclosure.

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Enclosure USB flash drive
Gehäuse USB-Stick

USB flash drive
The USB flash drive enclosures are designed for users who want to add their own circuit boards and electronics.

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Accessories touch sticks
KM touch sticks

Touch sticks
Do you need touch sticks? Our enclosures offer a choice of standard accessories, additional components such as graphic LCD displays, keypads and much more.

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Accessories charging stations
Charging station with TAW enclosure

Charging stations
Do you need charging stations? Convince yourself of the large variety of accessories we can supply.

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Accessories foil keyboards
Accessories foil keyboards

Foil keyboards
Do you need foil keyboards? Convince yourself of our large variety.

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