The intelligent enclosure system as a tailor-made solution for your components

Cost-effective solutions catering for custom enclosures can be implemented by changing individual tools used for the standard versions. Constant availability of a large number of standard enclosures and accessories, such as foil-keyboards, wall brackets etc. will save you time and money by reducing your development effort.
In this manner a custom enclosure can be produced by simply replacing the front insert or changing the color.

Circuit boards and other electronic components can be installed, inserted or screwed directly in the enclosure as in a tailormade suit since the components are already matched to each other during the design phase. The application of conductive surface coatings ensures complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Moreover, components are available individually, as modules or as fully assembled systems, i.e. re-ordering / replacement is quickly and easy. The different designs of monitor housings are adapted directly to the respective display. In almost all models, the entire front, sides and back are adapted in accordance with the customers requirements by means of interchangeable inserts.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No fitting of the LCD to match the enclosure
  • Utilisation of simple standard enclosures
  • No expensive milling required
  • Less time required for the development of the PC-boards
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of individual components
  • Excellent availability

The SoluComp®-enclosures are available in the following surfaces:

  • NawaRo-version (made of bioplastic)
  • in AMIK®-version (anti-microbial kit)
  • in varnished and powder-coated surface
  • in OptiHapt®-version (softtouch-surface)